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tv   Headline News  RT  August 10, 2014 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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in the weekly here on our c a look at the top news from ukraine including fierce fighting in the country's east leading to a growing humanitarian crisis and blazing protest in central kiev. plus sanctions skirmish moscow fights back against punitive measures with a food import ban the ukraine says it could hold russia's energy transit to europe . israel and the palestinians agree to another seventy two hour cease fire after talks in egypt it follows a week of violence that has continued to take lives in gaza. and u.s. fighter jets make a comeback to iran for three rounds of strikes against you how this militants but
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washington is accused of fighting the same group it is in syria. welcome great to have you with us this hour my name's neil harvey and you're watching r.t. international. heavy armor is moving towards done yet because the ukrainian army prepares to unleash its forces on the city it's already been extensively shelled and bombed. one of the latest strikes to apartment blocks in the city center were attacked in a week of assaults dozens of people were killed in the centers of two regions in the east. needlepoint wonders if you insist you i did not ride.
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i fulfilled only the photo or production house life. cover up look you. are you are you was a mouse with. no hole. amid intensified attacks from the army the self-proclaimed republic says it's ready for a cease fire to try overt a humanitarian crisis in the area. the regional capital on the heart of anti-government resistance in ukraine. but it's also a vital hub for the entire country or at least it used to be it's ukraine's fifth largest city with a population of almost a million people last year forbes named it the most attractive city for doing business in the entire country one of the state's main economic kobes around the
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center of the nation's mining industry and just two years ago you probably remember tens of thousands of football fans from all across europe but it was a host city for the euro twenty twelve football championships but how things are changed even getting out of the area is now highly dangerous just look at this dash cam video shows a rocket presume to been fired from a missile launcher hitting a highway fortunately the driver there had a very lucky escape most of the people trying to get away from the violence are fleeing to russia where for national travel to one of the border crossings. in each of these cars individuals tori's of endor uncertainty and loss. these ukrainians are fleeing their homes for russia after months of conflict has left well over one thousand civilians dead and reduced whole cities to rubble the people in these cars have already spent six or seven hours sitting in line waiting
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to cross the border which is steal a kilometer away but they say they are ready to wait as they practically have no other choice but give overclock. well below average of muslims made up of the international food. and if you knew smoke got more snow with this then you don't usually many of the cars here have a sign saying they've got children and a war doesn't discriminate between. age or gender only no trouble for you no choice it's safe. enough to just move. in. with us or put a little sheepish will get us closer to his nose that what little it'll. cost to fight you know which of you which is and this is where many refugees will end up when they make it across the border to russia and people here are angry because i saw them also but also my but i still not all feel worse if certain brought so i maybe try measure what it really could be so but i'm floored yet scopes of all
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started to. go to the doctor says he's planning to go back to ruin your story the more you draw. out your thoughts enjoy your rights for abortion the no rights group over for. most of what are you and your good here to use if you can't be ethical. he invites me to see where they found shelter the rest so many refugees many don't have a proper place to sleep. because his wife also doctor tells us how she lost her home and is therefore deserve a before i know. the new book may not be a regular dorm farkle. this camp is designed for a thousand people but there are at least twice as much here now every afternoon officials managed to send up to three hundred refugees from eastern ukraine to
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different parts of russia but every evening even more erratic these people have managed to escape a war that their fight for a peaceful life is just the. meat notion r.t. from russian ukrainian paulton. the u.n. says more than seven hundred thousand refugees have crossed into russia since the beginning of the conflict and the humanitarian situation in ukraine is grave moscow has offered aid to the embattled sones but washington said it's not russia's place to do so heated words flew at a un security council meeting given that ukraine has allowed international humanitarian groups to deliver aid within its territory there is no logical reason why russia should seek to deliberate. almost. apparently un philanthropists think children a better being. ignored pleas from russian human rights groups to move youngsters to safety and what is the un think don't kids deserve to be safe. but.
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this week more than four hundred ukrainian troops crossed the russian border appealing for sanctuary is the largest number of ukrainian military personnel to lay down arms and to russia in a single go but it's not for the first time. what we have witnessed so many doubts in order to rebel things it's not all of us or be reasonably to be here but what we've been given new clothes and managed to rest and we'll be regretful to that which by which we were encircled we had no way out so to give the man power say our commanders decided to escape to russian i think for not clear reason the ukrainian population is destroying itself because on both sides we and they are the same people. those soldiers were placed in a special camp more than
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a third of them have now returned home their commander says he doesn't consider himself a deserted because he acted only to save his men for kiev retaining the manpower necessary for its operation in the east hasn't proven easy despite launching three recruitment drive since the start of the crackdown is army struggling to fill its ranks unless say that the army needs more than eleven billion dollars to replace old weapons and machinery but only a little under eight hundred million was allocated to the military from the state's reserve fund the soldiers are burning out of food and have to rely on handouts and here's a website set up by civil activists calling on people to donate food to the army on top of that ukraine's leaders appear to be struggling to even pay their soldiers just recently the country's parliament introduced a military tax. on this week has also seen unrest in the capital of ukraine since thursday clashes have been flaring in kiev central square as
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authorities try to dismantle the camp there and for many the scenes evoked a sense of deja vu this is what happened in kiev in february that's when the authorities also tried to remove the protesters back then those clashes led to the overthrow of president here in the cove each and now this is an image from this week the government has changed but the dissatisfied protesters they remain do again. and rage crowds set fire car tires and their own tent clashes resulted in dozens of injuries and arrests one point kids mary form of mind an activist himself arrived at the scene to personally take part in the cleanup and commentators believe that people feel deceived by the promises made to the. situations quite ironic to say the least since the revolution seemed to take a three hundred sixty degree turn the government they have right now is simply
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replaced the other and they're simply at a point of exit right now we're it seems like nothing much exchange overall plus there's a civil war in east some forces from the might ban have gone on in their power and they are now acting against those that are outside of power that have political differences with the regime that has come to power and so we see a lot of ideological differences petty personality fighting and really a power play among different factions. food producers on both sides of the atlantic of war and russia's ban on western imports could lose them billions of dollars restrictions were imposed after the u.s. and e.u. along with other nations hit moscow with sanctions over what they say is its influence in the ukraine crisis correspondent peter oliver has the details no market for those that backed sanctions russia's ban on the import of certain food stamps the u.s.
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canada australia norway have you as a response to the economic sanctions imposed on moscow the ban will block meat fruit vegetables some dairy and fish imports for one year those watching international trade shows that russia is a different animal to other nations sanctions recently what's striking is that when the sanctions were ramped up. against iran there was very little iran could do the west didn't really need much from iran that's not the case with russia and i think russia has made very clear that it will retaliate in a proportionate manner with european cultures set to bear the brunt of the import ban e.u. leaders that backed sanctions against russia look likely to face as an export is demanding compensation for their losses there's no money and it's going to affect us all for us it will take two or three months to collect our remaining crops of oranges and we don't know what will happen if no one buys them from the national
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put it it's a disaster for my company will need to stop production the money will receive without imports to russia won't even be enough to pay for the buses that bring our staff to work. i don't know what we're going to do if this continues the industries being threatened in our region we have dedicated to good part of our produce to this market and so this is very dramatic force. european food exports to russia worth over twelve billion euros last year if you win year and finland were the first to contact brussels about compensation some estimates suggest the ban could cost the finnish economy four hundred million euro mostly from dairy exports elsewhere the german trade union that deals with wholesale foreign trade said the ban posed a risk to the economy in his country in greece the opposition party says accuse the current government's actions of being detrimental to farming and in ireland the
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minister for agriculture said there was real worry particularly regarding cheese exports which were valued at four point five million euro in twenty thirteen european analysts a warning that sanctions aren't the way to find a solution we trade is a key for peace we shouldn't be in this game of tit for tat thing we sanctions we we should be negotiating the same table but as it stands russian consumers are going to have to go with out certain imports western exports is going to be locked out the bush market peter all other party. ukraine's planning its own sanctions against moscow on tuesday the parliament is expected to vote on measures outlined by the prime minister which could include stopping the transit of energy supplies to europe so there's to take a look at what that could mean for the buys of russian gas in the e.u. well right now the u. gets about a third of its gas from russia with most of that delivered by ukraine cutting the
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router off could be harmful for the industry of some european countries takes the evacuate bulgaria for example which are almost entirely powered by russia and the others rely on its gas as a main source as well the scheme could be replaced by the south stream that's a pipeline project the bypasses ukraine its construction is being hindered by e.u. lawmakers but it's certain southern nations say that they are ready to push through construction foreign affairs expert in a bush or mallets believes that washington is pushing for a gas blockade with little regard for the e.u.'s well being. well it's not a question of what you have wants it's what people who are running want because let's face it the government in kiev is the question is how much it's being controlled from washington not if if the regime in kiev is see entirely under control washington this is an attempt another attempt to make the sanctions. the e.u. far more than the russian sanctions already have. and even it's basically the
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european union is paying the price of washington's attempts to restart the cold war . to stay with us panto news on the way for you after this short break. how. i. i. i i i.
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cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want. i. welcome back israel and palestinians have agreed to a new seventy two hour ceasefire the truce came into effect at nine pm g.m.t. on sunday this week witnessed a new wave of violence with civilians in gaza are again bearing the brunt of the sides had restarted hostilities after previous talks to prolong a cease fire brought little result.
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was. was with. you know. one they did only. a month long conflict with this claim more than nineteen hundred lines of guards are in ruins and the return of hostilities brings the region even closer to a humanitarian disaster tens of thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged by israeli strikes universities hundreds of schools and mosques were rendered to rubble reports a harf a million people were displaced starts almost a third of the population for more than a million civilians there's no fresh drinking water bill vanessa feltz from human rights watch told r.t. it's fair to bring on these really operation in gaza a war crime. gaza's infrastructure is on the brink of collapse there has been such
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massive destruction in areas that the israeli military declared a no go zone that covered almost half of gaza's territory we've seen cease fires in the past be held up as justifications when western countries or the israeli military claims that hamas violated the cease fire in the past that has been held up as a justification and a claim that any future civilian deaths would be the responsibility of hamas for violating the cease fire the laws of war need to stop being violated and that finally for once in gaza there needs to be criminal accountability for war crimes. the deaths in gaza sparked massive protests across the globe over the weekend tens of thousands of people united in a worldwide day of rage against the israeli offensive the latest of those taking place in brussels. you know in new york several hundred people marched to the u.n. headquarters to protest the killing of palestinians on the gaza blockade rally in
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the german capital for more than a thousand waving palestinian flags and chanting slogans one of the largest protests took place in most a friends with crowds that condemned president alone for his support of israel's actions more than twenty thousand people gathered in london slamming the government for sponsoring israel and accusing the b.b.c. of biased and unfair coverage destruction of gaza will so brought many dissenting voices from within the israeli armed forces pulis lee i spoke to some of them. there are a lot of soldiers have come back and say to yourself you know what the hell are we doing here why are we using so much force why are we treating the best way is one such for me israeli soldier she calls herself an occupation activist and was one of fifty troops to sign an open letter to the washington post refusing was. a national you know about during the service i didn't talk about this thing in so many out there you just
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a part of it. but more and more soldiers are choosing not to be part of an army increasingly seen as the bully in the region we are spending billions and billions . on. the friends system and there is no total different with lupul. we are not prepared for it very well with a possibility from overcoming five wars in eighty years levanon two thousand and six thirty four days more than eight hundred people killed and in the end israel faced an even stronger hizbollah four devastating wars with him us two thousand and six eight twelve and fourteen thousand killed international outrage and in the end israel faced a unity government between former rivals hamas and fatah foreign policy wise. we had four years in the way we lost the middle east. we lost.
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him away last. we of. the in the middle east and many would argue more vulnerable the latest operation protective has done seemingly little to protect israel in the long term you're not going to finish by trying to physically destroy hamas there is and there's nothing that indicates that it will work this time or indeed the next time and that's taking its toll on the reputation of what was once considered one of the world's most efficient fighting forces the hope is that the coming days will see a permanent cease fire in place but bottom line gaza is in tatters mistrust between israelis and palestinians is add an all time high policy r.t. tel aviv. a passenger plane has crashed immediately after takeoff at an airport in the rain in capital tehran the aircraft was carrying up to forty eight people reports say thirty nine of them were killed and came down in
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a residential area five kilometers from the runway injuring several people on the ground early reports suggest that the crash may have been caused by an engine problem or been at least seventeen fatal crashes involving a rainy and plane since two thousand with the country prohibited from buying new aircraft aviation expert chris yes things western sanctions of undermine the safety of iran's passenger jets. but talking about an aging fleet of aircraft and we're also talking about the fact that. lines within the pops of the world have long been starved of the spares needed to maintain those. fleets it's primarily because of the sanctions that have been imposed so the fleet getting olds the bits for the in short supply or non-existent or indeed being bought on the black market for which there is no.
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safety guarantee. there's been more scandal at the n.s.a. it's been discovered the agency tried to secretly persuade a judge to delete parts of a public transcript from a court case about illegal surveillance you get more and that story online also there for you helicopters drones and dogs all resources are thrown into a massive search operation for a four year old girl who survived almost two weeks lost in siberia you can read her story at r.t. dot com. the u.s. military has carried out four rounds of air strikes on radical islamists in iraq who are seeking to expand those zone of influence in the country if a team fighters and drones targeted artillery and military convoys belonging to these law mixed a terror group g. hardest to seize all rich territories in the north west of iraq proclaiming an islamic caliphate there and are now advancing on kurdish controlled regions during
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their advance militants have surrounded some half a million people from the religious minority and they were trying to flee to turkey but were trapped by the extremists and a facing execution unless they convert to islam hundreds have already been killed defending the kurdish minority was among the key reasons president obama gave also rising air strikes while promising u.s. involvement will be strictly limited but some of suggested the hardass were given more than a leg up by the u.s. . we really have to look at the reorientation of western foreign policy in the middle east that has to be please because right now we have a situation where the west is opposing isis rebels in northern iraq and right we saw but has been tacitly or implicitly supporting them in syria is madness these are us weapons us weapons on all sides in this combat just as three years ago in libya and in so many wars when you are the top supplier of weapons to the world
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seventy nine percent of of weapons transfers into the middle east or from the united states you're going to have u.s. weapons on all sides which is just for absolutely our weapons makers looking for a profit. destruction. a suicide bomber has killed ten kurdish fighters in a city in northeast iraq amid ongoing fighting between kurds and jihadists that eighty more people were injured in the explosion according to reports kurdish soldiers earlier regained control over two towns in the north. and clashes erupted in berlin when a rally against the advance of the mixtape fighters was itself attacked by a group of islam is supporters violence broke out as around three hundred people voiced their support for the kurdish families trapped by radical militants in iraq and a similar protest in the hague saw the dutch police intervene leaving one officer injured fighting was again triggered by
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a gang backing the militants who chanted islamic slogans six people were arrested. after the break it's back to iraq as we take a closer look at america's use of drones in the country. it was recently revealed that under the guise of an hiv prevention workshop and as tourists you know latin americans were sent to cuba by the u.s. government to overthrow that government yes the u.s. agency for international development organized for these young people to go to cuba to recruit and set up new political activists however the infiltrators were not very good at their jobs and the cuban authorities were able to nab these well funded travelers in their country this is nowhere near the first time that the u.s.
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government has tried to meddle in cuba in two thousand and nine usa he tried to set up a twitter like program to organize people in cuba and we can't forget about the ill fated cuban television airplane that was supposed to bombard the island with western media that was totally blocked by the government during the cold war i could see the justification to dominate cuba if the us didn't have influence in a country that automatically the soviets did but now what is the justification why does the us need to infiltrate cuba and by what right do you want doesn't have nukes put in america and they have limited industrial capacity they can't do anything to anyone just leave the poor island alone and let the people there figure out their own future without the us state department's help but that's just my opinion. told you my language is what i react to situations i have read the reports for.
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clues to know i will eventually stay close to comment on your matter. the monkey say it is mr k.l.a. call is all your talk a little. bit you know more weasel words when you made a direct question are you prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a bad. freedom of speech and little doubt the freedom to question. deep in the nevada desert for the past eight years the united states have been waging a secret war the war of the drones. our
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investigation begins at the focal point of this conflict creech air force base located close to las vegas. drones are these spooky looking unmanned flying objects. each of these robots are powerful spies able to observe but also to strike which is pretty devastating for al qaeda operatives. a predator type drone can shoot at any point around the globe. it's pilot remains can see.


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